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Micheal “Tim” Koch DDS
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5931 Stanley Ave Ste 2
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Dr. M. “Tim” Koch DDS

Cosmetic And Restorative Dentistry – Carmichael, CA

We offer same-day crowns as well as almost all cosmetic and restorative dental services at our Carmichael, CA offices.  Our dental services designed around your budget and need. We are a kid friendly dental practice!

Dental Services You Need At One Location

When it is easy to get all the dental services you need, you are more likely to complete your treatment plan. We are a full-service dental practice, that offers you the ability to complete a dental plan in fewer visits!

Smiles Are Important!

We know how important it is to be able to smile without being embarrassed. Our staff will treat you with dignity and discretion as we work to improve your smile and oral hygiene.

Sustainable Dental Treatment Plans

Whether or you have insurance it is critical that you have a sustainable dental treatment plan! We work with you, your insurance and budget to create a sustainable dental treatment plan.

Carmichael Is Home

Michael “Tim” Koch DDS has been a restorative and cosmetic dentist in Carmichael, CA for forty years. He grew up in Carmichael, attended La Sierra High School (’68”) and built his dental practice here.


Crowns In One Appointment

CERAC Crown technology allows us to replace missing or broken teeth much faster than traditional lab-created crowns allow. CERAC crowns are durable replacements for teeth that replicate color, function and look!

Choose Your Dentist!

Some dental plans offer increased coverage if you stay “in-plan”, but most allow you to choose your dentist! Our clients find our services offer flexibility and comparable, if not better value than most “in-plan” options.

Second Opinions Save Money!

Get a second opinion on a proposed dental treatment plan! A second opinion could be the difference between a being able to complete a dental treatment plan or wasting a lot of time and money!

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