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One Appointment CEREC Crowns Sacramento, California

Restoring Teeth With CEREC Crowns In One Visit

Even with the best best dental care possible, disease, accidents and wear can cause a dentist to suggest one or more crowns as part of a cosmetic dental restoration. A dental crown covers a tooth, restoring shape, color, size and most importantly, function! A crown can also strengthen a tooth weakened by multiple fillings. The major benefits is that your appearance and ability to smile and eat are restored.

Thanks to CEREC®, you can get fast, comfortable and durable crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in one appointment at the dental practice of Tim Koch DDS, Carmichael, CA. Imagine, getting a crown in one appointment! CEREC® crowns look and feel great too!

It doesn’t have to take two or more visit to a dentist to get a crown!

Up until now, getting a crown typical takes several dental offices visits, several weeks apart! With the CEREC, custom porcelain crown restorations typically take only one office visit! CEREC revolutionizes cosmetic restorative dentistry and respects your busy schedule!

Our Patients Love One Day Crowns By CEREC!

CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics”. We use 3D imagery, cutting-edge CADCAM software and a special milling unit to design, create and fit a new crown in a single visit! A CEREC crown is designed to precise specifications and milled while you wait. CEREC® crowns save you time, money and are discomfort!
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Advantages of CEREC® Crown Restorations

Natural looking Crown Restorations In One Appointment!

With CEREC®, we can fit one or more crowns in one office visit! Conventional crowns take at least two visits spread typically over two weeks! CEREC® Crowns are non metal, so there are no unsightly, temperature sensitive metal fillings. Instead CEREC® crowns are to match color of adjacent teeth, so that they look natural.

No Temporary Tooth Restorations

Conventional ceramic crown procedures requires a temporary crowns to be worn for several weeks while the laboratory creates the permanent crown restoration. Temporary restorations can be uncomfortable, fragile and even fall off.

We Control The Crown Restoration

Since the CEREC® crowns are designed and fabricated from start to finish in our Carmichael offices, we have complete control over look and fit. A laboratory made crown relies upon impressions and dental imagery. If everything is not right, the conventional crown processes can be longer than two weeks.

Premium, Durable Ceramic Crowns

CEREC® uses durable, tooth-colored ceramic to cosmetically and functionally restore your teeth. Our one-day crowns are color-matched, non-metallic and look like your natural teeth! Our one day crowns quickly restore natural strength, beauty, and function of your teeth.

For more information on how CEREC crowns could be an ideal solution for you call: (916) 481-9255

Note: In the cases where a tooth is broken or missing, the process to prepare for a CEREC crown could take more than one appointment. In those cases, CEREC technology still reduces how many appointments are necessary to restore dental function.